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AuroraMAX - Live Camera (Canadian Space Agency)

イ エローナイフ スカイウォッチ (Yellowknife)

northern lights - churchill northern studies center - See more at:
Churchill Northern Studies Centre - Live Camera

オーロラLiVE (Fairbanks)

Geophysical Institute (Poker Flat)

Lights Over Lapland STF Abisko webcam

Aurora Watch by University Alberta

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宇宙天気情報センター (Japanese)

27日の太陽周期に合わせたデー タプロット


Heavens-Above (Lumby)

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International Year of Astronomy 2009 Canada

Cite des Sciences (France)

National Geographic Daily News
100316 - Dawn of Aurora Season 日 本語
100419 - Lyrid Meteor Shower to Peak on Earth Day 日 本語
100811 - Perseids over the Rockies
100915 - Seeing Green
110103 - Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight: How to see 2011 Quadrantids 日 本語
110106 - Fiery Meteor
110106 - Sky Gem
110610 - Solar Flare, Green Aurora 日 本語

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day
011008 - A Yukon Aurora
070901 - Kalamalka Lunar Eclipse
080816 - Perseid over Vancouver
090922 - Aurora over Yellowknife Panorama
100311 - Yukon Aurora with Star Trails
100917 - Northern Lights over Prelude Lake Panorama

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OADIS (Olympus Artefactory Digital Imaging Service)

Stocktrek Images

Fuji Photo Film Canada - Fuji Professional Photo Gallery

CAPA (Canadian Association of Photographic Art) Member's Gallery

Saatchi Gallery (London, UK)

Rei Ohara Photo Gallery (Harp Seal Pups, Fireflies etc.)

Yellowknife INFO

Northwest Territories Tourism

Northern Frontier Visitor Centre

Canada Aurora Information (日本語)